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I'm a woman who has grown up in a time where society has been infatuated with how women look. A time when women obsess over how we think others think we look.

I have been concerned with how I look since I was 13 years old. The past 20 years have been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows regarding how I look and how I feel. Like many women, I have to try every day to remain positive and think about all the wonderful things that make me who I am as a person. I don't have an answer to the question: "How does one not care what others think?" I still care, but I'm learning to keep it in perspective.

So far, this journey has had some heart-dropping-into-your-stomach moments, and it’s also had some I'm-so-happy-I-could-fly moments. And I’ve learned some good lessons along the way. 

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