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About Us

My name is Thad Peterson, and I launched You Can’t Fake Sweat™ in early 2014. It's the fusion of a few different passions...

1) Fitness.
Honestly, the sport doesn’t matter. Whether it’s Crossfit, ultimate disc, skiing, basketball, trail running, kite surfing or whatever it is you choose, there’s something about pushing our bodies that is unrivaled in the human experience. Pushing yourself physically can feel awful, and yet it feels awesome. Being on the precipice of physical exhaustion is almost spiritual. And part of what makes it so special is there’s no way to fake it.

2)  Language.
Words and phrases have always had a hold on me. Certain expression can inspire me, or haunt me. When I hear a great phrase, it sticks with me.

I was in the middle of a WOD at Crossfit one day—doing burpees—and sweat started building up on my forehead, then trickling over my eyebrows. For me, there’s always been a strange satisfaction in sweat—proof of my effort, perhaps. So I’m there doing burpees—among the more hateful exercises known to mankind—and the words just popped into my mind: “You can’t fake sweat.” It struck me as a great phrase. One worth sharing. And one that would be pretty cool on...

3) T-Shirts.
I have this strange obsession with t-shirts. There’s something sublime about a great t-shirt. Wearing the right t-shirt can actually improve the quality of my day. Because it fits just right. Because the material feels good on my skin. Because I love the design on it. Or ideally, all three. 

So there’s the back story.

A few other things to note:

    • I’ve always admired businesses that give a slice of their profits to charity, so I’m taking that approach to You Can’t Fake Sweat. 10% of all net profits will go to charity: water. To learn more about charity: water – and if you’re up for an incredibly moving story -- I’d encourage you to watch this. Also, read my blog post about an incredible little girl named Rachel Beckwith
    • Of course, we all have our favorite causes and you probably have yours. Assuming it's a cause I like, I’d be thrilled to help you with your fundraising. Here's an overview of how we can help.
    • I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you've got about You Can't Fake Sweat. Please feel free to email me at thad@youcantfakesweat.com.