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An awesome way to raise money for good causes

We've all got our causes. At You Can't Fake Sweat, we give a percentage of all profits to charity: water. I'd encourage you to learn about this organization, and you can start with The heart-warming, heart-breaking, awe-inspiring, world-changing Rachel Beckwith story.

But perhaps you're raising money for a cause that is special to you. Well, we'd be thrilled to help.

It's amazingly simple. If you point people towards You Can't Fake Sweat (email and social media are two of the most effective ways) and they make a purchase, 100% of the profits will go to the cause for which you're raising money.

You might be thinking something along the lines of: "Why the hell do they do this?" or "Is this a scam?"

Well, no it's not a scam and here's why we do it. While You Can't Fake Sweat doesn't make a dime off these sales, we're helping our customers, we're helping the world in our own small way, we're spreading the word about our brand, and maybe we're even building up some good karma. And truth be told, if You Can't Fake Sweat never made a dime but raised thousands (or millions) for lots of great causes, we'd chalk that up as a victory. 

Interested? Just send an email with the name of the cause you'd like to raise money for to: thad@youcantfakesweat.com

Here are some the causes we've raised money for so far:

  • The Jimmy Fund
  • Boston Children's Hospital
  • Framingham Downtown Renaissance
  • The Barbieri PTO
  • Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County Inc